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They can celebrate the joy with some of the best contents from Bhagwan Rajneesh. Osho lovers can watch all free Video in English & Hindi to spend memorable virtual moment with Osho and his thoughts ..!!

Osho Show name suggest that life is a show from start to end and you need to enjoy your performance during it. Base upon Osho's thoughts I tried to compile best of Osho memories with these video and other collections. Wish you ll osho lovers happy journey towards enlightened path with OshOshOw.

- Vision Raval

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Osho Vision

I find philosophy of Osho very innovative. Osho misunderstood at many places due to the very straight and cut to truth attitude towards explaining the enlightened formula. Osho offers joy, pleasure and love without social or artificial barriers or limitation. He is in favor of live life king size in terms of happiness and celebration of being existing in this planet.

Osho Philosophy is very rational and practical. Osho is the best guide for children, young or old human if he understand osho beyond the myth they have in mind about spirituality.

Osho also describe and merge all holy platform like Hinduism, Islam , Christ-ism, Buddhism etc and shown reality of what Buddha, Jesus or Paigambar wants to convey via their enlightened spirit. We can see with naked eye about how they got misunderstood by their followers with Osho philosophy.

Osho never ask any one to follow him or anyone else, because he believe that if you are finding god with in you, then only you can help yourself. No one else can make that happen. If you follow some one else's path then you might miss the joy of journey towards universal spirit or power

Osho said :.

" Everyone dies, but not everyone is able to know
life just by dying. You have also died many
times, and there is the fear that you will still be
dying many times more. But death happens to
you involuntarily: you do not want to die but you
have to die. That is why death is a sorrow, a
pain, an anguish. And the pain of death is so
intense that the only way to bear it is to become
unconscious. Hence, just before dying, you
become unconscious, you go into a coma...

– Osho "

I will cater more selected articles about Osho on this blog in coming days.

Joy & Love,

Vision Raval

Help from the news media during Osho's Jail journey

On 5 November, Osho is transported 30 miles to El Reno Federal Penitentiary

Every jail where I was was twenty-four hours surrounded by news media. Hundreds of cameras, televisions, radios, newspapers--twenty-four hours. And whenever they were taking me from one jail into another, just the small space between the jail and the car and they will ask me, they will say, "Bhagwan, just say one thing, are they harming you? Then we will see them. Have they ever touched your body? Then you don't be worried. The whole world is with you." That made them afraid.

Thousands of telegrams in every jail, letters, poems, hundreds of flowers....

They had to change jail to jail for the simple reason because the moment the news media became aware that I am in one jail, then they harassed them, asked them questions, how I am, how is my health, where is the doctor, and we want to meet the doctor. And this was a very dangerous situation that they had put me under David Washington's name, and now everybody knows it.

They changed me into another jail, sixteen miles away from the city, so perhaps no news media may reach there. But they were wrong. News media perhaps in the West has become tremendously powerful in helping individuals, in helping their freedom. It is no more just informing people about incidents; it is something more now. It is a protection against the government, it is the protection against your own government. last428

There was great sympathy all over America. Even people who had no idea of who I am and what I am doing became aware, by putting me into jail they made whole America aware of the commune, aware why government is destroying it; aware of the fascist attitude of the bureaucracy. And all the way, I was loved and appreciated. Not a single person who was against me--in the jails, outside the jails; going from one jail to another jail, both the sides of the road people were standing, throwing flowers, waving hands, that don't be worried.

Because they will not allow media people. The media people are inventive. What they have done--they had put their microphones on a long rod, above the car, so when I come out of the gate I am facing their microphones. They will not allow them, but they cannot prevent them taking the microphone above the car. And they simply wanted to tell me that "We love you, Bhagwan. And whatever is being done to you remember, it is not we who are doing it."

In fact, they have taken a wrong step. They have made America realize that their own government is not in favor of poverty disappearing, of people becoming rejoicing and happy; that their own government is their enemy. And they created great sympathy for me. The sympathy was such that I could have contested for the president, because all the newspapers were full of sympathy, all televisions were full of sympathy, all radios were full of sympathy. The government must have had a shock. They had not realized that this will be the outcome of it.

Ref iosho

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Osho visits New Jersey and the Commune in Oregon

1 June 1981, Osho arrives at Kennedy Airport, in the United States of America.

The day I entered America, the first question the immigration department asked me was: "Are you an anarchist?" I had been told beforehand that anarchists are not allowed in America.

I told the man, "I am something more."

He said, "My God, for something more there is no regulation." He had his book open: communists, anarchists are not allowed...but something more...?

He looked at me and he said, "You look like something more, but you will be in trouble and you will create trouble for us."

I said, "I am a silent man. I don't even leave my room."

He said, "That is the danger, but because in the rules there is no provision for preventing something more than the anarchist, I have to allow you."

And from that very moment the struggle began that lasted for five years. orig01

Osho stays in a converted 'castle' in Montclair, New Jersey. Sheela, now Osho's secretary, purchases a large ranch in central Oregon, and sets up a commune there. On 29th August Osho visits the commune and remains there for the next four years.

I had not come to America with the intention to stay here. First, we had purchased a very beautiful castle, one hundred year old, in New Jersey. Montclair. It was a beautiful castle and somebody who had made it was himself a very creative architect. We made it completely new, renovated it totally. It became really a beautiful palace. But it was going to be just for the time being before we can find a place--because New Jersey was not the right place, it was humid, very humid. It was beautiful, it is really a garden state--the whole state is a garden--so I loved it, but my allergy was giving trouble. Then the ranch in Oregon was found, and this suited me. Just as I entered here I felt a great relief, as if my heart and my lungs, both felt a burden removed. And for these four years, I have not had a single attack, otherwise it was almost three, four times per week. That means three, four nights per week sleep was impossible--just coughing, sneezing--and the pain with the neck, with the back was there, and this diabetes was there, so.... last317

When my secretary Sheela was searching for a place for me, I said that, "Not California. Anywhere is okay but not California, because all the idiotic Indian gurus who don't have any hold in India, who don't have any intelligence--I don't want to get mixed up with that lot."

I have chosen Oregon because this poor state has not known a single enlightened man in the whole of history. last224

Had you ever thought that we were going to land up in Oregon, in America? I don't think anybody, howsoever dreaming and imaginary and hallucinatory, had thought of Oregon. But we landed here. unconc28

Later Osho is asked: What was Your impression when You first came and saw the land here?

I did not like it, because I have always liked greenery and this was a desert, so I was not impressed. I told my people that they have to change this place into an oasis... last113

Osho stays in a new Lao Tzu House, set in its own private valley. Vivek and personal attendants, who came with him from Poona, take care of him.

Do you prefer here to Poona?

No. For me it makes no difference: wherever I am, I never go out. Rajneeshpuram* may be in the Soviet Union, or in America or in India. It does not matter to me, I don't know who is living outside. last113

*Note: one valley area is incorporated as the city of Rajneeshpuram to comply with land-use regulations in constructing residences and utilities

Sheela lives in the commune centre two miles away. She visits Osho in the evening to ask questions and take any messages.

I was in silence and in isolation, and my instruction was that only Sheela will come every evening for one hour; that too only when she has urgent work that she cannot handle. And she should inform me only of things which are absolutely necessary and have to be told. So for three and a half years I was completely out of the world: not a single newspaper, no book, no television, no radio, no information about what is going on, what is not going on. last229

Osho chooses a new symbol for his movement, of two birds flying together.

I have chosen the symbol for the seekers who have gathered around me of two birds. One is the Master, the other is the disciple. Both are the same kind of bird. Both have the same wings. Just seeing the Master fly, immediately the disciple gets the idea, "I have also got the same wings which I have not been using." He tries. Maybe once or twice he may fall. Maybe once and twice he may get discouraged. But even if he starts fluttering, that gives him the first glimpse that what is today just fluttering, tomorrow can become flying. It needs just a little discipline, a little more training, a little more time. And to come to this point, you are already beyond fear.

From iosho