Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome to OshOshOw

This blog is for Osho Lovers!!

They can celebrate the joy with some of the best contents from Bhagwan Rajneesh. Osho lovers can watch all free Video in English & Hindi to spend memorable virtual moment with Osho and his thoughts ..!!

Osho Show name suggest that life is a show from start to end and you need to enjoy your performance during it. Base upon Osho's thoughts I tried to compile best of Osho memories with these video and other collections. Wish you ll osho lovers happy journey towards enlightened path with OshOshOw.

- Vision Raval

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Osho Vision

I find philosophy of Osho very innovative. Osho misunderstood at many places due to the very straight and cut to truth attitude towards explaining the enlightened formula. Osho offers joy, pleasure and love without social or artificial barriers or limitation. He is in favor of live life king size in terms of happiness and celebration of being existing in this planet.

Osho Philosophy is very rational and practical. Osho is the best guide for children, young or old human if he understand osho beyond the myth they have in mind about spirituality.

Osho also describe and merge all holy platform like Hinduism, Islam , Christ-ism, Buddhism etc and shown reality of what Buddha, Jesus or Paigambar wants to convey via their enlightened spirit. We can see with naked eye about how they got misunderstood by their followers with Osho philosophy.

Osho never ask any one to follow him or anyone else, because he believe that if you are finding god with in you, then only you can help yourself. No one else can make that happen. If you follow some one else's path then you might miss the joy of journey towards universal spirit or power

Osho said :.

" Everyone dies, but not everyone is able to know
life just by dying. You have also died many
times, and there is the fear that you will still be
dying many times more. But death happens to
you involuntarily: you do not want to die but you
have to die. That is why death is a sorrow, a
pain, an anguish. And the pain of death is so
intense that the only way to bear it is to become
unconscious. Hence, just before dying, you
become unconscious, you go into a coma...

– Osho "

I will cater more selected articles about Osho on this blog in coming days.

Joy & Love,

Vision Raval